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Brian Citro, MD

General Surgeon located in Las Vegas, NV

If you have a skin lesion, it can be uncomfortable or worse, but the good news is it can also be removed. In his Las Vegas practice, general surgeon Dr. Brian Citro specializes in taking care of skin lesions and resolving the troubles that come with them. At his practice, Nexus Care, careful treatment goes hand in hand with expertise, knowledge, and the best technology. Call today or book online to make an appointment.

Skin Lesions Q & A

What is a skin lesion?

If you’ve noticed an abnormal lump, ulcer, or other unusual discolored areas on your skin, it might be a skin lesion.

Dr. Citro assesses your skin lesion, tells you which type it is, and creates a plan of action to get rid of it. He provides a range of services including skin tag excision.

While most skin lesions are harmless, many people find them irritating and opt to have them removed. The different types of skin lesions Dr. Citro treats include:


Cysts are fluid-filled sacs that develop under your skin.


These are caused by an infection from the human papilloma virus (HPV).

Skin Tags

These are small bumps that typically appear from excessive friction or rubbing and irritation of the skin.


These fatty growths form under the skin.

What are some of the symptoms of skin lesions?

Some common symptoms are itchy and dry skin, and rashes in certain areas like your hands and feet.

Pay attention to any changes and be your advocate for good health. If you have any growths, swelling, lump, or other unidentified things on your body, Dr. Citro can help you figure out what it is, potentially how it got there, but most importantly, how to eliminate it.

At Nexus Care, the focus is on in-depth, careful, diagnostic testing and treatments. If there’s doubt or concern about your skin lesion, Dr. Citro might recommend you undergo a scan or biopsy, just as a precautionary measure.

If you’ve got a lump that’s getting bigger, more painful, changing color, feels hard when you press it, or keeps coming back even after Dr. Citro removes it, call the practice right away.

How will the doctor remove my skin lesion?

The method Dr. Citro uses depends on the type of skin lesion and where it is on the body. He might even advise surgery if your lesion shows signs of turning cancerous.  

Remember, if you’re going to have surgery, you’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home. Nevertheless, you can take comfort in knowing that you're going home with plenty of information about your healing process after surgery.